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Neuron SpikerBox

Neuron SpikerBox



1 - 5$99.99
6 - 10$94.99
11 - 15$89.99
16 - 25$85.99

Please Note: If this is your first time ordering a SpikerBox, please see the Neuron SpikerBox Bundle.

Listed here, for $99.00 is a stand-alone Neuron SpikerBox and Recording Electrode. It does not include additional cables, which are required to record the signal out onto computers, tablets, or smartphones. This option is designed to support educators who may need replacement SpikerBoxes or who already have several different bundles and several sets of cables.

Product Details

Kit Contains

  • 1x SpikerBox (9v battery and Recording Electrode included)
  • 1x Getting Started Guide
  • The SpikerBox comes fully assembled and tested right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Video of SpikerBox in Action!