Small Muscle Electrode
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Small Muscle Electrode

Small Muscle Electrode



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We spent many years studying in the U-M Neural Engineering Lab and working at NeuroNexus Technologies* developing advanced electrodes. This decade of study and expertise culminates in our most visionary product yet: the Small Muscle Electrode.

Product Details

Our small muscle electrode is good for recording from the muscles of the hand, jaw, and temple. With proper electrode placement, you can even isolate individual muscle action potentials! This is the same electrode that ships with our Muscle SpikerBox Bundle.

Note: You will need to apply conductive gel to the electrode before experiments.

Technical Specs

  • Site Size: 20,000,000 um2
  • DC resistance: 0.3 Ω
  • Dielectric: Cellulose
  • Conductor: alloy of tin and copper

*We assure our former employer we came up with this novel electrode while not on company time.