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Muscle SpikerBox

Muscle SpikerBox



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The age old question: are you human or only a machine perceiving yourself as human? With our Muscle SpikerBox you can test your muscles for bio-electrical activity and get one step closer to answering that question. The Muscle SpikerBox can be used to detect the EMG Signal (ElectroMyoGram) of muscles non-invasively using simple skin surface electrodes. This is the basic muscle SpikerBox set.

Product Details

The Muscle SpikerBox is our first invention to be used on you, the human. We have implemented a gain knob so that you can increase or decrease the amplification of your recording depending on the size and type of muscle you are recording from. We have also added 1 ground and 2 recording electrodes for true differential recordings of your muscles. The Muscle SpikerBox has two output jacks located on the side so you can hook up both an external speaker and your mobile device at the same time.

Our Muscle SpikerBox comes with 6 sticker patch electrodes that is used for large muscle recordings on your arm and leg. This newest SpikerBox addition interfaces with your smartphone, iPad, and computer in the same way as our original SpikerBox. Order yours today and get started exploring muscle physiology!

What's in the box?

Get cables, fine electrodes, gel and with an Muscle SpikerBox Bundle

Video of Muscle SpikerBox in Action!

Technical Specs

  • Keeps the same form factor as our original SpikerBox
  • Features a gain knob so you can change amplification of recordings.
  • 1x ground and 2x electrode ports for true differential recording
  • 2x side mounted audio ports, so you will no longer need a y-splitter for both hearing and seeing activity.