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BYB Spike Recorder

BYB Spike Recorder


Now you can record data straight to your laptop or computer! The BYB Spike Recoder turns your PC into a high-tech data recording and analysis tool.

Recording Spikes

Using our DVR-esque interface, you will never miss a spike! The software is always recording in the background, so you can play back that response you just saw in real-time. Need to save it for later so you can show your friends? You can record the data directly in our app.

Threshold View

Want to see how pretty your spikes are? Set your threshold to view a snapshot of your spikes every time the neural signal peaks.

Data Analysis

  • Event Recording - Press 0 through 9 to save events
  • Time Selection
  • RMS of selected signal
  • Spike Sorting
  • Autocorrelation
  • Inter Spike Interval
  • Waveshape Analysis

Tutorial: Using Spike Recorder with Arduino Gear