Plant SpikerShield Bundle
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Plant SpikerShield Bundle

Plant SpikerShield Bundle



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Are you interested in recording the electrical voltages generated by plants such as the Venus Fly Trap, the Sensitive Mimosa, and others? Many of you have asked for this for science and art projects. We work for you, and here we are.

Discover the understudied, ripe for opportunity, world of plant electrophysiology.

Product Details

This bundle comes with our new Plant SpikerShield amplifier, plus an Arduino with pre-loaded code to visualize and record the data on your computer. Everything you need right out of the box to start the experiment. We include the manipulator, electrode, metal table, and electrode gel for you. At the moment, we don't sell plants, but you can get a Venus Fly Trap from our favorite suppliers at California Carnivores.

Video of Plant SpikerShield Bundle in Action! - Venus Fly Trap

Video of Plant SpikerShield Bundle in Action! - Sensitive Mimosa

Kit Contains

  • 1x PreAssembled Plant SpikerShield Amplifier
  • 1x Manipulator with Electrode
  • 1x Metal Table Base
  • 1x USB cable for powering your Arduino
  • 1x Arduino with Preloaded Code
  • 1x Plastic Probe for Touching Trigger Hairs (in collaboration with an omnipresent coffee company)
  • 1x Small bottle of Electrode Gel