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The Human to Human Interface
The HHI as seen on the TED Stage
Someone using HHI (1)
Someone using HHI (2)
In field
As seen on TED
Someone using HHI (1)
Someone using HHI (2)
In field

Human-Human Interface

Connecting with other people has a whole new meaning with our HHI! Your brain commands your movements by sending electrical signals down axons to your muscles. The HHI works by reading these electrical signals from YOUR brain and sending a copy to command THEIR muscles. That's right: you can send your brain's signals over to another person's arm, effectively overriding their own nervous system!

It's a classroom-ready device that yields publication-ready signals. The HHI is simple to use with everything you need to be a "Master" or "Minion" in a single device! If you're worried about electricity, fret not - we designed it so you cannot even feel the current at movement threshold! The HHI provides a smooth and seamless experience which will make your classroom come alive with excitment!

With the HHI, you're ready for fun and educational neuroscience experiments for students, kids, and adults.

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Precision Data

Record publication-quality signals.

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1 Channels

Record from one muscle.

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Smartphone & PC

View on your Phone, Analyze on your PC.

Integrated stimulation unit

All in one device.

Product Details

  1. How to take someone's free will?
  2. Eavesdrop on electrical activity of your bigger muscles.
  3. Take a peek into the smaller muscles’ action potentials.
  4. Why do our muscles get tired or even fail after exercise?
  5. Measure the rate of your muscle fatigue.
  1. 1x HHI Device
  2. 1x 9V Battery
  3. 1x Orange cable (for EMG input)
  4. 1x Black cable (for stimulation output)
  5. 1x Green cable (for connection to smartphones)
  6. 50x Electrode Patches (for EMG recording)
  7. 4x TENS Electrode Patches (for stimulation)
7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Human-Human Interface Technical Specs

Sampling Rate 10k
Frequency Range 20Hz – 2kHz
Power supply 9V battery
Battery life 8 hr
Communication USB 2.0
Electrical safety Type BF
Certification IEC60601-1
Output voltage 95V
Stimulation current 0 - 30mA
Stimulation type Biphasic

Human-Human Interface Technical Schematic

Human-Human Interface Permission Form

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Human-human interface in action

What's New in improved Human-Human Interface




Muscle recording



Computer / smartphone compatible



East to use / all-in-one device



Smooth Stimulation experience



Runs on a single battery?



Classroom HHI

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Real Price: $299.99

Current Price: $299.99

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