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Human-Human Interface

Human-Human Interface



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Have you ever dreamt of controlling the people around you? Family, friends, co-workers, even total strangers? Well now that power is yours thanks to the cutting edge of neuroscience and biotechnology, the Backyard Brains Human-Human Interface. With our electrophysiology setup, you will learn exciting neuroscience concepts first-hand as your brain sends an electrical impulse to your arm's muscles, telling them to move, and when your muscles move, this generates an even larger electrical signal. You'll take that electricity, then further amplify it and inject it into the nerves controlling another person's arm.

This will also give them a direct education about the importance of electrophysiology as this incoming signal overrides their nervous system and forces their arm to obey your electrical commands. It's a new spin on taking charge!

Warning: The power to control another person can be addictive. Backyard Brains is not responsible for any plans for world domination that arise as a result of our products.

Product Details

The Controller:

Your new Human-Human Interface is ready with all of the materials you'll need to connect yourself with another person. It comes with an Arduino microcontroller (it's like a small, easily programmable computer), already programmed to facilitate your newfound dreams of power. Plugged into the Arduino is our Muscle Spikershield, which lets the Arduino understand the signals coming out of your body. With this, you can see the electricity in your muscles as they move, but more importantly, use them as a signal to turn on the stimulator.

The Controlled:

The sensation of totally losing free will can be a little weird at first, so just relax.

You'll be hooked up to the all-important TENS stimulation device, which harmlessly delivers electricity to your arm's nerves. The other person, the Controller, will be using the electrical signals from their voluntary muscle movement as a signal to turn on the stimulator. When this happens, your nerves will interpret the electricity as a "contract" signal, and tell your arm to flex.

With all this, you're ready for fun and educational neuroscience experiments for students, kids, and adults.

The Human-Human Interface in Action at TED!

The White Rabbit Project

The Human-Human Interface is featured prominently in the pilot episode of The White Rabbit Project, available to view on Netflix featuring the previous Mythbusters Kari Byron, Tori Belleci, and Grant Imahara! Spoiler Alert: It wins the countdown for Top "Real World Super Powers!" Check it out!

Check our homemade commercial for more info!

Technical Specs

  • Contains a TENS unit with modified cable for interfacing with Muscle Spikershield.
  • Arduino with Pre-Loaded Code.
  • Muscle SpikerShield that mates with Arduino
  • 1x Orange Muscle Electrode Cable with 3 Alligator Clips (Red, Red, Black)
  • 9v Battery
  • Two Silver Bags, each with 50x Electrodes