Muscle 2-Channel SpikerBox Bundle
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Muscle 2-Channel SpikerBox Bundle

Muscle 2-Channel SpikerBox Bundle



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This 2-Channel Muscle SpikerBox Bundle contains everything you need to explore the exciting electrical activity of your own muscles, all in one kit. The bundle includes our 2-Channel Muscle SpikerBox, with the power to amplify your own (or your friends') muscle electrical activity from up to two larger muscles at once. Additionally, the bundle comes with two sets of small muscle electrodes and conductive gel to allow you to explore the small ones as well. For full functionality of the device, the bundle comes with the Smartphone Data Cable to connect your 2-Channel Muscle Spikerbox to your smartphone or iPad and also the Laptop Data Cable to connect to an external speaker or your computer. With our mobile app, "Backyard Brains" (available for free in Google Play and Apple App Store) and/or our brand new computer software, "the Spike Recorder", recording and analyzing your electromyograms has never been easier!

This handsome packaged kit makes a great gift to both budding scientists and seasoned graduate students alike.

Product Details

The 2-Channel Muscle SpikerBox is the double upgrade of our first invention to be used on you, the human. Just like the original Muscle SpikerBox, it has an individual gain knob for each channel, allowing you to control the amplification of your recording depending on the size and type of muscle from which you are recording. Our 2-Ch Muscle SpikerBox Bundle comes with 2 different types of electrodes. One type is sticker patch electrodes that are can be used for large muscle recordings, such as your forearm flexors, biceps, gastrocnemius, or hamstrings. The second type is our very fancy brass popsicle stick electrodes used for small muscles like your eyeblink and finger muscles. Each of the two EMG channels has their own ground electrode and 2 recording electrodes for true differential recordings of your muscles. It also has two audio jacks located on the front so you can hook up both an external speaker and your mobile device or computer at the same time. Note: for 2-channel recordings on a single device, you need a laptop with either a stereo (2-channel) line input or a USB sound card to do this, as your mobile devices typically only allow one channel.

Order yours today and get started exploring muscle physiology, two muscles at once!

Video of 2 Channel Muscle SpikerBox in Action!

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