DIY Muscle SpikerShield
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DIY Muscle SpikerShield

DIY Muscle SpikerShield



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You are in control... literally! Now you can control machines and electronics of your Arduino projects with the electrical activity of your muscles! What will you create?

Product Details

The Muscle SpikerShield kit comes unassembled. Once you receive your Muscle SpikerShield, you can refer to our step by step instructions to help you complete and build your very own EMG SpikerShield. To build the kit, you will need a soldering iron, some solder, and wire cutters. A small magnifying glass to read the labels on the chips may be helpful for those of you with some mileage.

See our beginning Muscle SpikerShield experiment to see how you can program your Arduino to read your EMG Signals and get to work!

Video of Muscle SpikerShield in Action!

Kit Contains

  • Contains all the electronic components you need to build your own Muscle SpikerShield.
  • 1x Orange Muscle Electrode Cable with 3 Alligator Clips (Red, Red, Black)
  • 6 large electrode EMG patches.