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Reflex Hammer



The Reflex Hammer

The Reflex Hammer



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Please Note: Requires a Muscle SpikerBox Pro

Reflexes are fascinating. These hard-wired, evoked responses are the result of millions of years of evolution and development. But how are they different from a reaction? How fast exactly is a reflex?

The Reflex Hammer allows you to record exactly how fast your reflexes are. Take, for example, the Patellar Reflex: The Hammer's built-in accelerometer will put a marker into your recording the instant the hammer strikes your subject, while the Muscle SpikerBox Pro records from your quadriceps, capturing the EMG from your muscles the instant they contract in response to the reflex. Then, you can measure the time difference between when the hammer struck and when the muscles contracted in response, giving you the exact speed of the reflex arc!

Technical Specs

  • Cable Length: 1.4m (Pretty long!)
  • LATEX FREE: The heads are made of silicone.
  • Doctors Agree: Quite a good thwacker!
  • Not Recommended for hammering nails.

Perfect for Project Lead The Way!

Project Lead The Way is an organization dedicated to providing engaging, hands-on STEM lessons for K-12 students. In their Human Body Systems lesson "2.2.4 It's All in the Reflexes," the Reflex Hammer can be a great alternative to the recommended tools. Everything comes pre-assembled (no rubber bands required), and it pairs with our free, user-friendly software: Spike Recorder. The accelerometer and muscle activity will appear on the same screen - no need to compare time-stamps between separate recordings!

Required Companion Kit

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a stand-alone product. It requires:

Updated Firmware

If you purchased your Muscle SpikerBox Pro before Feb 2019, you will need to update the firmware by following this guide.