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Reaction Timer

Reaction Timer



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Measure human cognitive abilities through reaction time tests. Use your muscle's EMG signals to respond to stimuli!

Product Details

This is an expansion product that works with the Muscle SpikerBox or Muscle SpikerShield which allows you to measure a person's reaction time by recording how quickly they can flex their muscles in response to a stimulus! (Muscle SpikerBox and smartphone sold separately) Stimulate with two different colors of light in 3 different locations to test for visual reaction time. You can also emit a tone from the built in speaker or externally with headphones. Which will be faster? It is also possible to experiment with multiple stimuli at once for more complex experiments! The Reaction Timer will insert a tick mark in line with your EMG recording for easy analysis.

Required Companion Kit

PLEASE NOTE: Again, this is not a stand-alone product. It requires a Muscle SpikerBox and extra Cables, see below:

Technical Specs

  • 1x Reaction Timer (9v battery included)
  • The Reaction Timer comes fully assembled and tested right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan!