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These neuroscience kits are designed with research in mind. Hypothesize. Test. Analyze Data...

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Teachers and Professors

Backyard Brains is excited to offer educators from K12-college the learning tools and resources they need to introduce students to the fundamentals of neuroscience! Many teachers have found that the integration of our experiments into their curriculum has helped get students excited about science and that the hands on nature of our experiments has helped students and teachers develop a greater understanding of the material we have available.

We are educators ourselves, running workshops and attending educational expos and events where we have the opportunity to interact with students and guide them through our lessons. This helps us experience first hand how our experiments should best be presented. We also love to communicate with teachers and professors using our materials to learn what works best and what really helps get the students excited about neuoroscience and their education!

For grade school educators, we offer lesson plans that are designed to meet Next Generation Science standards and Common Core Standards. Teachers have found this helpful because it allows them to meet state benchmarks in new ways. This is an opportunity to seemlessly integrate introductory and intermediate neuroscience lessons into the science classroom as early as 5th grade!

We are a small group of neuroscientists and engineers who like to work closely with our supporters. We find this creates the best opportunity for students to maximize their project's potential. Supporting educators using our materials is one of our highest priorities; to this end, we offer our full support as professional scientists to teachers working on incorporating neuroscience into their classroom! Our main goal is to change the way science is taught. We want to get students excited and show them how real science is performed, thus giving them the tools to succeed in the future.

Still have questions? Give us a call or send us an email, we would be happy to answer any questions you have and go into greater detail about our products, approach and mission. Join us today in the NeuroRevolution!

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Get started with your new powerful kit or prepare a classroom demonstration or lab.

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What Our Supporters Have Said...

Using the Spikerbox was an informative experience. The two channel Spikerbox allows students to learn a technique, then apply their new-found knowledge. . . It is definitely a tool for the future.
-Steve Rodecker, Sweetwater Union High School District
... I plan on majoring in Neuroscience in college this year, and the project gave me a glimpse of what conducting an experiment and doing research is all about!
-Arantxa Ortiz, Chula Vista High School CA
We received an email from the President (Gary Robinson) of Synopsys Outreach Foundation that his project has been chosen from among the participants in 2013 Synopsys Championship!
-Shanthi Pichai