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Amateurs and Makers

We love to support people who are seeking a greater understanding of neuroscience on their own! A lot of what we have learned was not learned in a classroom, so we appreciate our community of amateur neuroscientists and do everything we can to work alongside them as they work through our experiments, or develop experiments of their own! BYB was founded on the idea that, like someone interested in buying a telescope to start learning about space, the technology to learn about the brain should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Breakthroughs in science are far from exclusive to a PhD lab... our company started off in a basement after all!

At Backyard Brains all our tech has been designed in house. We're a team of hackers, makers, artists, and engineers (both with and without formal backgrounds) and we know what it's like to get stuck on a design project. We also know what it feels like to finally overcome these struggles! It's thanks to these roadblocks we've met in the past that we truly understand the importance of being Open Source and of sharing knowledge. We strive to provide DIY instruction for all of our tech and experiments, allowing our materials to not only teach neuroscience, but also to teach electrical engineering, programming, mathematics, research methods, and more!

Some of our experiments and tech have been inspired by community members who used our resources in new and inventive ways; this is the kind of relationship which we strive to foster! We work alongside students and professionals to create our materials, allowing us to draw on a wide variety of backgrounds and inspirations. Inspiring people to become makers is also something we aim to achieve by leading DIY workshops where community members can come and build their own BYB tech under the tutelage of our team! These workshops are an opportunity to learn hands on engineering skills, like populating a board and soldering, and to learn more about what makes our tech work!

We are a small group of neuroscientists and engineers who likes to work closely with our customers. We're excited to teach not only neuroscience, but the skills that we use every day during the development and design of our latest and greatest idea. We would love to hear from you about your experiences and your ideas!

Still have questions? Give us a call or send us an email, we would be happy to answer any questions you have and go into greater detail about our products, approach and mission. Join us today in the NeuroRevolution!

What Our Supporters Have Said...

Using the Spikerbox was an informative experience. The two channel Spikerbox allows students to learn a technique, then apply their new-found knowledge. . . It is definitely a tool for the future.
-Steve Rodecker, Sweetwater Union High School District
... I plan on majoring in Neuroscience in college this year, and the project gave me a glimpse of what conducting an experiment and doing research is all about!
-Arantxa Ortiz, Chula Vista High School CA
We received an email from the President (Gary Robinson) of Synopsys Outreach Foundation that his project has been chosen from among the participants in 2013 Synopsys Championship!
-Shanthi Pichai