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Remote Labs for your distance
learning classroom

Tune in to the heart, brain and muscles!

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Developed to standards

College Board Next generation science standards HAPS learning outcomes

Peer-Reviewed and
Proven Effective

We have iteratively tested our NIH-funded curriculum for over a decade. With over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles using our technology for teaching!

  • bullet Increased Content Knowledge
  • bullet Increased Self-Confidence in Neuroscience

Our active learning and project-based curriculum significantly improves student outcomes.

Even in Online
Remote Settings

We even tested our tools specifically in distance learning environments:

  • bulletHarvard online course: 100 Students watched videos and performed labs at Home, Controls students only participated online (no labs at home)
  • bullet Remote Lab students had significantly higher scores and more confidence in performing science!

This study measured content knowledge and confidence using surveys, lab notebooks, and test results

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What data do students

Developed by practicing scientists for future scientists. Students record directly from themselves at home! Labs are designed around easy-to-record signals, in beautifully illustrated lessons your students will love:

(EMG) from Muscles
(EEG) from the brain
Path 2 Copy 2
Electroencephalogram (EOG)
from the eye
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Electrocardiogram (ECG/ EKG)
from Heart

Let us worry about giving your students support

Live support to join your classroom to ensure everyone can use the technology.

In-class Zoom / BlueJeans / Skype / Google Meet support!

That's what we do! We guarantee to have each student up and running!

Take the stress out of distance learning labs

  • bullet Fully tested lesson plans and teacher guides for Remote Learning
  • bullet Pre-packaged with all materials for student distribution and return collection
  • bullet No need to open, just hand out or send to students
  • bulletRefill kits available for clean, safe reuse!

Our lessons really
bring home the hardware!

10 TED Talks, including our own Series “DIY Neuroscience”

Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate
How to control someone else's arm with your brain
The Cockroach Beatbox
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Recognition from the US Institution on our innovative curriculum

White House Champions of Change - Barack Obama
National Institutes of Health: Director’s Innovation Award
MIT Press: New Book coming soon
Society for Neuroscience: Next Generation Award
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Experiments exciting enough for TV… but made for the classroom!

“Bill Nye Saves the World” on Netflix
Kevin Hart and The Rock
Mythbusters “White Rabbit Project”
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NIH-Funded, Classroom-tested
Lesson Plans

  • Bullet orange Designed for remote use without direct teacher support
  • Bullet orange Embedded opportunities for formative assessment
  • Bullet orange Learning outcomes to master
  • Bullet orange Hands-on investigations
  • Bullet orange Practice of critical science skills
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