BYB Toolbox - Your Complete Portable Neuroscience Lab
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BYB Toolbox - Your Complete Portable Neuroscience Lab

BYB Toolbox - Your Complete Portable Neuroscience Lab



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When we give demo's, toolbox in hand, people often remark: "Wow...You've got a full lab in there!..." True, and you can too.

This lab contains the same gear that we often roll with when doing demo's or research remotely. With this, you'll have a rather sophisticated mobile neuroscience lab.

Product Details

This toolbox contains most all of our core products in one portable box. A 2 Channel Neuron SpikerBox, a Muscle SpikerBox, a Human-Human-Interface, a Claw, a Manipulator, a Microscope (and a Metal Table to keep things tidy... also known as the Completo!), and our new Heart and Brain SpikerShield. This ships with 100 Patch Electrodes and all the cables you need, and this toolbox full of gear is ~15% less in price than if you bought all the components individually. Now do some outreach, make some discoveries, and share your results!

Kit Contains


People often ask "What else do you sell that is not in the toolbox?"... the answer is our R&D stage products. Namely our Plant SpikerShield for recording Venus flytraps electrophysiology.