BYB RoachScope (Beta)
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BYB RoachScope (Beta)

BYB RoachScope (Beta)



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Are you sick of holding up your smartphone to your fancy microscope to take a quick snapshot to share with colleagues? Do you wish your microscope was portable? Do you want to make phone calls, twitter updates, and facebook posts with your microscope? Now you can! Introducing the beta of our "RoachScope" smartphone microscope designed specifically for use with smartphones. Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8, and any phone with a camera lens!

Product Details

This microscope (codenamed "Roachscope") has a flat platform for setting down your phone to take stable pics. It has built in calibration marks in the base, with two grooves separated by exactly 1 cm, and each groove exactly 1 mm wide. To accommodate large objects, you can even raise the phone platform for an additional 1.75 inches of play. Though the microscope can freely stand, we've added rare earth magnets at the bottom side for those who want to attach it to a metal table for super-stability.

Why is the beta called a "RoachScope"? We're not only designers of the scope, we're also clients. We have been using it for studies examining leg regrowth in cockroaches.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 6 inch (15 cm) high x 4 inch (10 cm) long x 5.2 inch (13 cm) wide
  • Magnification: 5-6x (linear)
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 phones and iPod touches