Muscle SpikerShield Bundle
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Muscle SpikerShield Bundle

Muscle SpikerShield Bundle



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Are you an artist or engineer that has a killer idea for a new interface? With the Muscle SpikerShield bundle, you have everything you need to start your developing your own ideas, learn about the exciting field of neuroprosthetics, or use your muscle activity to create any human-machine interface your creative mind desires.

Product Details

This kit includes our fully assembled Muscle SpikerShield, a USB cable, and an Arduino. The Arduino comes preloaded with code to perform our "Getting Started" demo where you can control a bank of LEDs with your own muscle activity. Everything you need right out of the box! Just plug your Muscle SpikerShield into a USB power source (such as a computer or battery) and you are ready to go!

This bundle also comes with 2 different types of electrodes! For larger muscle recordings in your arms and legs, you get the fashionable sticker-patch electrodes. You also get our very fancy, brass popsicle-stick electrodes, ideal for use with your smaller muscles, like your eyeblink and finger muscles.

See our Muscle SpikerShield in Action!

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Pre-assembled Muscle SpikerShield
  • 1x Orange Recording Electrode Cables with Alligator Clips (Red, Red, Black)
  • 1x Arduino MicroController with preloaded code
  • 1x USB cable for powering your Arduino
  • 6x EMG Sticker Patch Electrodes for large muscles
  • 1x Adjustable Wooden Electrode Holder for small muscles
  • 1x Small bottle of Electrode Gel to be used with the small muscle electrode