Galvani Volta Replica Kit
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Galvani Volta Replica Kit

Galvani Volta Replica Kit



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Begin Neuroscience and Electronics at the same time. This experiment conveniently gathers the materials you need to do our Galvani Volta Debate Experiment.

Product Details

We gather the cables, metal, and other materials to go along with our experiment. You provide the cockroach and the potato. Find them in the field! Begin the NeuroRevolution! Start the Electronics Industry!

Video of Kit and Experiment!

Technical Specs

  • 1x 6 inch by 3 inch copper sheet
  • 1x 6 inch by 3 inch aluminum sheet
  • 2x electrode pins
  • 1x Cork Slab
  • 1x Red LED
  • 1x Black Alligator Cable
  • 1x Red Alligator Cable
  • 2x Rubber Bands
  • 1x experiment print out