The Muscle El Cheapo
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The Muscle El Cheapo

The Muscle El Cheapo



1 - 10$10.00

The El Cheapo - EMG Addition. We provide the board. You provide the love. You will need to collect all the parts to build your very own EMG SpikerBox amplifier. We guarantee you will develop a special bond with your SpikerBox and learn a lot about electronics prototyping along the way.

Product Details

When you order it, we will slip it into an envelope and send it your way. This purchase is for the truly adventurous, and you will join a special, elite customer group here at Backyard Brains! For example, some electrical engineering students have one-upped us and placed their own chips inside.

Technical Specs

  • 1x Bare bone EMG SpikerBox PCB Board.
  • Doubles as the world's first bioamplifier coffee coaster. Goes great with our Cockroach Coffee Mug