2-Channel Upgrade Kit
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2-Channel Upgrade Kit

2-Channel Upgrade Kit



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Do you already own two original SpikerBoxes? Are you looking to find out how fast spikes travel down a neuron and investigate conduction velocity? If the answer is "yes," then the 2-channel upgrade kit may be the best solution for you. With the 2-Channel upgrade kit you can easily turn two SpikerBoxes into one 2-Channel SpikerBox!

Product Details

This kit comes with everything you need to perform the upgrade. Taking approximately 15 minutes this upgrade is fast and easy with light soldering by following our easy online 2-Channel upgrade instructions . Note: during assembly you snap off the battery connectors off one board, so this upgrade is not easily down-gradable back down to two individual SpikerBoxes after assembly.

Technical Specs

  • Contains the spacer tubing, screws, new electrodes, and connectors to convert two SpikerBoxes into one 2-Channel SpikerBox.