DIY Neuron 2-Channel SpikerBox
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DIY Neuron 2-Channel SpikerBox

DIY Neuron 2-Channel SpikerBox



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Not satisfied with one channel, and want to investigate conduction velocity in earthworms? This kit is for you. With two channels of neural amplification, you can do sophisticated neuroscience while brushing up on your soldering skills! Our DIY 2-Channel SpikerBox kit comes with all materials and parts you need to build your own 2-Channel SpikerBox.

Product Details

You will receive a "Bag of Parts" with all the materials and instructions to build a 2-Channel SpikerBox. Note: for 2-channel recordings, you need a laptop with either a stereo (2-channel) line input or a USB sound card to do this, as your mobile devices typically only allow one channel.

Kit Contains

  • Contains all the electronic components you need to build your own 2-Channel SpikerBox.
  • Material to build the RCA needle electrodes are included as well.