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RoboRoach Workshop

Build your own Cyborg Insect and share your love of neuroscience with your friends with the Campus Party RoboRoach Workshop! We'll provide you with all the tools (and cockroaches) you need to make your own cybornetic organism.

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Workshop Overview

The RoboRoach is the world's first commercially available cyborg, a culmination of over 10 years of research and development, and we want to help you bring this experience to your Campus Party.

All participants will have their very own RoboRoach Workshop Bundle (microstim backpack and surgery kit) that they can use during the workshop and then take home. The workshop is designed to run about two hours, with informational presentations, guided assistance with surgeries, and questions/discussion.

Workshop Objective

The goal of this workshop is for each participant to perform a RoboRoach surgery and create their own cyborg!

The day will start with a presentation on the history and applications of microstimulation technology and the RoboRoach project, followed by an initial presentation of a working RoboRoach! Then everyone will have the opportunity to perform the surgery and create their own RoboRoach, with the assistance of a workshop guide and an illustrated BYB Instruction Manual and Instructional Video.

Following the completed surgeries, their will be further discussion and an overview of the kinds of experiments that can be performed using the RoboRoach to learn about microstimulation, habituation, and physiology.

See RoboRoach in Action

The RoboRoach TED Talk

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