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The Completo

The Completo



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You've seen the many and varied experiments you are capable of with the Spikerbox, but maybe you're the kind of person who craves something with more advanced capabilities. Lucky you, Backyard Brains has the product to complete your dreams-the Completo, a fully portable advanced electophysiology rig.

This complete kit makes a great tool for students, budding researchers, educators, and kids just wanting to safely experiment with neuroscience. It's also an excellent gift for that special scientist in your life-a gift that says "You Completo me."

Product Details

The Completo comes with a Spikerbox, Roachscope, micromanipulator for precise electrode placement, and a magnetic surface that keeps it all stable. With these tools combined, your range of sophisticated neuroscience experiments is truly limitless.

Here are just a few of the additional Spikerbox experiments you can run with the Completo:

  • Record muscle potentials from fruit flies
  • Carefully position electrodes on earthworm nerves
  • Measure adaptation rates in cockroach sensory neurons
  • You can even use the Completo to record from the amazing grasshopper visual system, as shown below:

DIY Neuroscience: Grasshopper Vision from HarvardX Neuroscience on Vimeo.

This experiment uses all of the components of the Completo, and lets you examine the relationship between sensory stimulation ad behavioral responses.

The Scope and Manipulator have rare earth magnets built into their bottoms to stay stably attached to metal table-we provide one for you, but any magnetic surface will work as well.

Why is it called the "Completo," you may ask? It's our homage to a famous Chilean hot dog.

Video of Completo in Action!

Note: this video shows the older version of the Completo with the non-laser-cut Roachscope.

Kit Contains

  • 1x SpikerBox (9v battery included)
  • 1x Recording Electrode
  • 1x RoachScope
  • 1x Manipulator
  • 1x Manipulator electrode
  • 1x SmartPhone Data Cable to see/record spikes on your mobile devices
  • 1x Magnetic Adaptor for securing SpikerBox to Completo Table
  • 1x Poplar Wood Steel Magnetic Table
  • 0x Smartphone (Smartphone not included; Completo works with all Smartphones with cameras)