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With our re-imagination of the Leeuwenhoek Microscope that began the microbiology revolution, you too can build your own simple ball lenses from scratch, understand optics, and observe the previously invisible world.

Product Details

The LeeuwenScope allows you make your own ball lenses out of glass filament and place the lenses in 3D printed holders. You can hold the lens to your eye like Leeuwenhoek did, or you can put the lens in our laser cut assembly to photograph our observations with a mobile phone. This is good for optics activities in classrooms, explaining the physics of refraction (how light bends in different materials) and how ball lenses work.

Video of LeeuwenScope in Action!

Technical Specs

  • LeeuwenScope housing (battery included)
  • Two Standard Ball lenses (2.4 and 4.8 mm in diameter) installed in holders
  • 5 holders to support your homebuilt lenses
  • 4 six inch lengths of 2 mm diameter glass filament to make your own lenses
  • Magnification: 67x (5mm diameter lens) - 333x (1 mm diameter lens)
  • Mass: 260 g (0.6 lb)
  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm length x 10 cm width x 6.5 cm height (5.3 x 3.9 x 2.6 in)
  • Works with any iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone