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The RoachWheel is a great companion for your cockroach colony. It is both scientific and fun! You can use it to make your classroom pets a bit more entertaining and less "gross," because a cockroach doesn't get more adorable than when it is running on a wheel!

Additionally, the wheel will be supported in the near future as an "activity tracker" for individual roaches or your whole colony. The wheel is designed to hold a motion sensor that, when paired with an arduino, can be used to track the activity cycle of your cockroach colony. This can be used as a tool to monitor the circadian rhythm of an individual cockroach living in the enclosed wheel or for your whole colony, by defining active and non-active time periods. This will be offered as an attachment soon and will be included in an experiment write up on Circadian Rhythms.

Exercise is all the rage these days! If you want to get "swole," you have to put in the effort though. Fortunately, humans have it relatively easy: we can chug workout drinks, chow down on supplements, and then hit the gym and pump iron for MASSIVE GAINS; fast forward two weeks and people are already talking about how big you're getting and you realize your biceps are so large that you have lost the ability to touch your shoulders...

We here at Backyard Brains are fitness nuts as well. We train parkour, rock climb, play basketball, tennis, and hit the gym on the reg. One day, during an office meeting, we were doing unassisted handstand and planche push-ups while talking about how we can take better care of our lovely cockroaches - animal husbandry is always a topic here. Then, it occured to us... How are our cockroaches supposed to get jacked without any kind of work out equipment? First, we tried building tiny barbells and benchpresses. The cockroaches were not very receptive to pumping iron and, even though we put motivational posters of Arnold in their terrariums and put on the Rocky soundtrack, we did not witness any upper body workouts going on. We did observe, however, that when they were active, they just scurried around on their legs... legs... cockroaches don't have arms! We realized, EVERY DAY IS LEG DAY for a cockroach!

Following that epiphanous dawning, we created the "CockRoach Turbo Wheel for Massive Gains: Get Swole or Die Trying Edition!" Featuring 360 degrees workout chamber which allows your roach to celebrate leg day the only way it knows how. The Turbo Wheel is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one workout station for your invertebrate bros and broettes. The Turbo wheel is designed with cockroach usability in mind; it features a detachable engagement ramp which helps the cockroach enter the Turbo Wheel with ease, the wheel itself has "hyper-grip" ridges which allow the cockroach to make strong purchase with every step it takes, and the whole thing spins on a quantum, nuclear fusion generating, ultratanium spherical bearings.

Also, we all know that feeling... the feeling, "Why should I bother to keep working out? There's a vending machine in the other room, maybe I should get a candy bar and just lay down on the couch..." well, we can squash these feelings by maxing out reps while staring into Arnie's deep blues and 'mirin his mass, but what about the roaches? We asked the roaches if they ever got the same feeling while marathoning on the Turbo Wheel, and they said, "Yes, all the time!" To help combat this issue, we created the Dimensional Containment Shield, a feature which locks the cockroach into the Turbo Wheel, removing the possibility of bailing on their workout prematurely.



  • Wheel and Stand
  • Detachable Containment Shield

Technical Specs

  • Wheel: Diameter 5" , Deep 2.75"
  • Stand: Height 5.5"
  • Color: Orange
  • 360 Degrees of Rotational Power