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Due to production demands, please allow for up to two weeks for delivery

The RoachWheel is a great companion for your cockroach colony. It is both scientific and fun! You can use it to make your classroom pets a bit more entertaining and less "gross," because a cockroach doesn't get more adorable than when it is running on a wheel!

Additionally, the wheel will be supported in the near future as an "activity tracker" for individual roaches or your whole colony. The wheel is designed to hold a motion sensor that, when paired with an arduino, can be used to track the activity cycle of your cockroach colony. This can be used as a tool to monitor the circadian rhythm of an individual cockroach living in the enclosed wheel or for your whole colony, by defining active and non-active time periods. This will be offered as an attachment soon and will be included in an experiment write up on Circadian Rhythms.



  • Wheel and Stand
  • Detachable Containment Shield

Technical Specs

  • Wheel: Diameter 5" , Deep 2.75"
  • Stand: Height 5.5"
  • Color: Orange
  • 360 Degrees of Rotational Power