DIY 2-Channel Upgrade Kit Instructions
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The DIY 2-Channel Conversion Kit

Here are the instructions to convert your 2 SpikerBoxes into a single dual-channel SpikerBox. You can order a conversion kit through our product page. Building this should only take about 10-15 minutes tops to do, and you can start measuring conduction velocity with your new device, among other things we haven't even thought of yet.

Convert it!

Assembly will be done in 11 steps; Navigate through each step until your build is complete.
  • This is what you will build from your two SpikerBoxes. First, disassemble your two SpikerBoxes so that you only have the boards in your hands.

  • Your kit contains a 2-channel electrode, a 2-channel adaptor, 12 spacers, 4 two inch screws, and a header pair.

  • Using pliers, lightly rock back and forth the battery connectors on the bottom board to snap them off.

  • They should come off cleanly. Do not use excessive force as you can crack the board.

  • Solder the Male Header on the topside of the Bottom Board.

  • Solder the Female Header on the underside of the Top Board.

  • Insert the 2 inch screws through your bottom acrylic (bottom of SpikerBox), and place the small spacers on the other side of the screws.

  • Slide Bottom Board on screws, and place medium spacers on top.

  • Slide top board through screws and on top of bottom board, and ensure the connections mate.

  • Reinstall speaker connection, and place largest spacers on screws.

  • Place top case on SpikerBox, and tighten down acorn nuts. Flick top power switch. Both LEDs should come on. You should hear a “click” from the speaker as well.

  • Put in your electrodes and your headphone adaptor. You are done! Note that if you turn on the SpikerBox now, you will no longer hear the “click.” The speaker only works when the 2 chan adaptor is not plugged in.