DIY 2-Channel Upgrade Kit Instructions
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The DIY 2-Channel Electrode Instructions

Here are the instructions to build your 2-channel electrode (and speaker as well). This goes with our 2-Channel SpikerBox Kit.

Build it!

Navigate through each step until your build is complete.
  • You begin with two 6-inch lengths of speaker wire, two RCA connectors, and a red, white, and black map pin.

  • Peel apart the two speaker wire pairs so you have four 6 inch lengths. Cut one length to 3 inches. Strip ~1/4 inch of insulation from each speaker wire end.

  • You will now install the ground wire on the white RCA connector.

  • Twist one end of the 3 inch length and one 6 inch length together, and insert wire into ground hole of connector.

  • Solder the connection and crimp the tabs.

  • Solder the black map pin to the other end of the 6 inch speaker wire length.

  • Solder another 6 inch speaker wire length to the RCA connector

  • Solder the white map pin to the other end of the 6 inch speaker wire.

  • Carefully thread the wires through the wire connector cover...

  • And screw it on!

  • Now install the red RCA connector cover through the 3 inch length.

  • And solder it to the ground connection on red RCA connector.

  • Insert the remaining 6 inch speaker wire length through the red connector cover.

  • And solder one end to the remaining solder lug on the RCA connector

  • Screw the RCA connector cover on the connector, and solder the red map pin on the remaining end of the 6 inch speaker wire. You are done with your electrode!

  • Now time to build your speaker. Cut off the last few inches of the speaker wires.

  • Strip the ends of the wires just a little bit.

  • Solder the wires to the 2-pin speaker connector.

  • Twist the two wires together.

  • Separate and wrap solder joints away from each other using electrical tape. Take care that the two solder joints do not touch.