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The DIY Human-Human Interface Circuit Build Instructions

Here is what the whole setup-up looks like:

You can buy any off the shelf TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) for this experiment. We use a TENS 7000 from Current Solutions in Austin, TX.

You can see we have the settings at 10 Hz frequency and we set a ~50-80 ms pulse duration. A typical TENS has an output cable consisting of a pair of wires. One is signal and ground. You will need to cut one of these wires to make headers that mate with the EMG SpikerShield (our EMG SpikerBox that fits on an Arduino).

We have instructions for how to build this cable.

We have included extra space on your EMG SpikerBox to solder your own circuit. We will use this space to solder up the relay and the red LED on the EMG SpikerShield for the Human-Human-Interface experiment.

The circuit we add to the EMG SpikerShield is simple and just consists of a digital out going to the LED circuit and another digital out going to a 5V relay.

Once you have soldered this circuit on the EMG SpikerShield, stack the EMG SpikerShield on the Arduino in the correct orientation.

The Arduino is powered by a USB cable you can plug into your laptop computer or an external usb power source. You will need to upload our code to your Arduino.