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The DIY SpikerBox Build Instructions

Here are the instructions to modify your EMG SpikerBox to allow it to interface with an Arduino! If you have an EMG SpikerBox, but don't have an EMG SpikerShield yet, this mod will you allow to begin with using your own body's electrical signals as an input for your own Arduino hobby projects! (Note: Our experiments only strictly support Arduinos paired with the EMG SpikerShield, you will have to get creative if you want to accomplish the same effects without purchasing or building a SpikerShield).

  • Solder on a paired header to the "BATT2" connections and a single header to "AMP2B"

  • Attach your three jumpers. It is helpful if they are different colors, because you will want to make sure you pair the jumpers with the right ports on the Arduino.

  • Plug the jumpers in, mimicking our orientation. Batt2+ (red) to Vin - Batt2 (black) to GND - AMP2B (white) to A0. You are now ready to use your EMG signals as an input in your Arduino! (Note: If you find yourself fighting with a lot of static noise when using the EMG, it may be helpful to touch a finger to the Arduino's cable shield to help with grounding)