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  • The Claw

    Control a Robotic Claw with your own DIY Brain Machine Interface! Check out our new Claw

  • Human to Human Interface

    Now you can take away a friend's free will while learning about human electrophysiology!

  • The EMG SpikerBox

    Are you curious what your own spikes and muscles sound like? You are in luck! Our new EMG SpikerBox allows you to view and hear the hidden messages of your own nervous system.

  • The SpikerBox

    Backyard Brains' SpikerBox is a fun, affordable, hands-on way to experiment with neuroscience. Learn how the brain works! Listen to the impulses ("spikes") of neurons in real time!

  • The Bluetooth RoboRoach!

    Backyard Brains has successfully completed a kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of the release version of our cyborg cockroach: The RoboRoach.

Welcome to Backyard Brains

The brain is complex, but extremely fascinating. We need more people interested in studying the brain because 20% of the world will have a neurological disorder... and there are no cures! To study the brain, you typically have to be a graduate student at a major university. Not any more! Backyard Brains enables everyone to be a neuroscientist! We provide affordable neuroscience experiment kits for students of all ages to learn (hands-on) about electrophysiology. Now everyone from schoolchildren to grad students and every grade in between can experiment with similar tools used by real neuroscientists worldwide! By following a few simple steps, everyone can experience first-hand how the brain communicates with our senses, memories, hopes, and desires.

Join a Make-Your-Own SpikerBox Workshops Worldwide!

If you are interested in learning more about hands-on Neuroscience and Engineering. You are in luck! We are hosting DIY SpikerBox Make-and-Take Workshop in the weeks to come in cities all around the world. For each workshop, students will make their own SpikerBox, then conduct neuroscience experiments with the equipment they made! Click the city and date below to get more details on the location and specifics of the workshops.

No Workshops Currently Planned, Check Back Frequently for Updates!

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