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45,821 First Time Spikers! (and counting... )

We are proud to announce that as of 12/4/2021 6:36:33 AM, we have introduced 45,821 to the joy of listening to spikes.

First TimersEventLocationDatePresenter
7Gunma Paz University Physical Activity LabTakasaki2/26/2021Akira Kimura
30Retreat Institute of Medical Psychology, Uni TübingenBad Teinach, Germany12/3/2019Carlos Oyanedel
20NS481 - Regis UniversityDenver, CO10/25/2019Ashley Fricks-Gleason
30Max Lab, Max Planck Institute for NeurobiologyMunich10/24/2019Matthias Meier / hirnkastl
7Kellyville Ridge Public School. Sydney. Science Club.Sydney10/17/2019Karl Easton
100Eleanor Roosevelt High School - AP Anatomy&Physiology courseGreenbelt, MD3/14/2019Ruilong Hu
25University FYPWah Cantt2/28/2019Talha Masoom
99NEUROSCIENCE CUPMashad2/24/2019Shahriar
200Hope College Brain DayHolland, MI2/15/2019Aaron Welsch
98Brains! workshop for 7th gradersChicago, IL12/11/2018Stephanie Palmer
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