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41,962 First Time Spikers! (and counting... )

We are proud to announce that as of 8/25/2016 12:23:17 AM, we have introduced 41,962 to the joy of listening to spikes.

First TimersEventLocationDatePresenter
17Flemish Science DayKortrijk, Belgium11/2/2016Erik Meijnen
21University of Illinois at Chicago - WIESPChicago, IL7/11/2016Sam Dreyer
12Scientist -in-ResidenceNew York City5/5/2016Arlene Ramos
300East Bay STEM Career Awareness DayBerkeley, CA4/27/2016Joe Cordes
37Brain Awareness TalkLasalle, Canada4/14/2016Ayuno
65NSTA workshopNashville3/31/2016Greg Gage
119Michigan State University Neuroscience FairEast Lansing3/19/2016Joey Salatino
30Brains! First grade demo, South LoopChicago, IL1/15/2016Stephanie Palmer
145Brains! 7th graders workshops at UChicagoChicago, IL12/17/2015Stephanie Palmer
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