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33,335 First Time Spikers! (and counting... )

We are proud to announce that as of 4/19/2014 8:58:41 PM, we have introduced 33,335 to the joy of listening to spikes.

First TimersEventLocationDatePresenter
200Brains RuleAnn Arbor, MI4/28/2014Will, Jasmine, Vanya
100TEDx Way Public LibraryPerrysburg, Ohio4/13/2014Tim and Hosler
700National Science Teacher`s Association ConfereneBoston, MA4/4/2014Tim, Bill, and Alex
60NA 6th graders collaborating w/ senior CompSci classLivingston, NJ3/31/2014Ms. T & Mr. A
25UM Round Table Ann Arbor3/29/2014Greg
51Brains! 4th graders Workshops in the Palmer LabChicago, IL3/25/2014Stephanie Palmer
220Oaxaca Mini Maker FaireOaxaca, Mexico3/24/2014Tim y Amor
130Street Neuroscience Demos - Parque Alameda CentralCuauhtémoc, Mexico City3/20/2014Tim y Paula
345MSU Neuroscience FairEast Lansing, MI3/15/2014Bill, Will, Katie, Vanya & Paige
35Open House Event High SchoolDowney3/12/2014Jeff Orlinsky
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