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Backyard Brains in the Press

From time to time, we get all Hollywood. Below you will find a collection of stories about Backyard Brains that has been in the popular press.

Bill Nye Saves the World

Season 3 of Bill Nye's latest Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, features a clip of Bill Bye and his correspondent Joanna Hausmann experimenting with a neuroscience experiment made by "Cool Neuro People" (that's us)!

In Search Of

In an episode of History Channel's reboot, "In Search Of," shost Zachary Quinto visits the Backyard Brains office in Downtown Ann Arbor and experiences the Human-Human-Interface, as he and his film crew investigate "Mind Control."

White Rabbit Project, Good Morning America

Featuring hosts Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tori Belleci, this show educates and entertains as it navigates the world of popular, cutting edge science! Backyard Brains takes a lead role in the pilot episode, available to view on Netflix, which counts down the top "real world super powers" (Spoiler Alert: we win!). Greg Gage and Kari Byron create a Roboroach and then take the Human-Human-Interface out for an italian dinner with Grant... hilarity ensues. Also check out this Good Morning America segment where Kari and Tori experiment with the Human-Human-Interface in another fine-dining setting.

Neural Implant Podcast

Cofounder Tim Marzullo talks BYB History, human-machine-interfaces (Human-Human-Interface), and the future of neuroscience education in this podcast which seeks to break down cutting edge neuro-engineering concepts into educational conversations.

"El Hormiguero" Neuroscience Experiments with Kevin Hart, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Norman Reedus, and More!

Our CoFounder Tim Marzullo has made several appearances on the Spanish show El Hormiguero," which is a popular science entertainment tv show. On the show, he has performed Human-Human-Interface and Roboroach experiments with some of our favorite celebrities, including: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Norman Reedus. He's appeared in a couple of episodes and will likely return again in the future! Check them out here:


Greg Gage demoes the Muscle SpikerBox and theHuman-Human-Interface with Chuck Gaidica of Channel 4 News to help build hype for the 2017 Tech Trek.

Hackaday Prize 2016

A few of our 2016 research fellows received prize money for their research after entering it into the 2016 Hackaday Prize competition! See if you can pick them out from the list (Hint, Patrick Glover and Dieu My Nguyen are the winning fellows...)


Greg Gage and the 2014 Summer Research Fellows show off the Roboroach, theHuman-Human-Interface, and an Optogenetics experiment to Jason Kridern (Beaglebone) and Brian Benchoff (Hackaday).

Schrodinger's Katt

In 2014 we were visited by the charming host of Norwegian TV show: Schrodinger's Katt! We performed a Roboroach workshop with her and a group of local kids and explained the principles behind the experiment and the importance of neuroscience education at large! Beware: Much of the episode is in Norwegian!


Condorito is a Chilean Comic very popular throughout Latin America. The writer visited the MakerSpace where we work to speak with the "Corazon de Chile" Student FIRST robotics team that also works there. When he heard about the RoboRoach, he incorporated elements into the December 2013 issue.

Frankenstein's Cat

Two summers ago, we sat down with Emily Anthes at a cafe in Woods Hole, MA, (site of our favorite lab the Marine Biological Laboratory) to chat about the RoboRoach and show her a demo. Her recent book on animal-human interaction, "Frankenstein's Cat," was just released in Spring 2013 and is a nice read on humanity's continually evolving relationship with other creatures of the earth. She writes about our demo in one of her chapters.

The Next List

The Next List

In January, 2013. Backyard Brains was featured on Sanjay Gupta's show "The Next List" on CNN. See where the SpikerBox is made, how they are used in the classrooms, and a profile of one of the co-founders (the other was down south doing demo's).


In the summer of 2012, our RoboRoach was featured in the newsstand issue of MAKE Magazine. Word from the editors is we almost made the cover, but we lost out to a cute dog.

Atacama Diaro


(En EspaƱol). In collaboration with Chile's Explora Program and, we visited the Chilean Region of Atacama and taught human muscle physiology to 110 selected high school students over 2 days.

Science Friday

We are big fans of Science Friday. So it was an honor to have this writeup in Jan 2013. In his article, "Playing Music -- Through a Squid?" Andreas Von Bubnoff asks "What happens if you play music through squid cells?"

The Next List

Popular Science

In Dec 2012, Popular Science published an article on our RoboRoach called "How To Build Your Own Cockroach Cyborg". The artist took some liberties with our design, but over all it's a nice teachnial writeup. One day, our roboroach will look this cool.


Backyard Brains was on the front page of CNN with a piece entitled "On neuroscience and cockroach legs" By Matthew Gannon, in October 2012


Tim sat down with Robin Miller of Slashdot at the Backyard Brains HQ in Ann Arbor, MI and did a live demo for the slashdot. The result was a slashdot post entitled "Backyard Brains Can Help Satisfy Your Inner Frankenstein". Enjoy.

BBC World Service

Greg Gage sat down with John Stewart of the BBC for a demonstration on the BBC Radio Program "Science in Action" in April 2012. The BYB Segment starts around 6 minutes into the program.


Ewen Callaway wrote a Nature News Blog about Backyard Brain's effort to bring Optogenetics into the highschool. The post is entilted "Optogenetics on a budget" from Nov 2011.


A local Ann Arbor Blog, focusing on technology, start-ups, and the arts in SE Michigan, paid a visit to All Hands Active, the Hackerspace and production headquarters of Backyard Brains. Get to know Dana and Josh, founding members of All Hands Active.